Financial Accountability Statement

The Daniel Society is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  

  • We strive to ensure the highest level of financial accountability and transparency about our operations and initiatives.  You deserve to know where and how your donations are used.  We take this responsibility very seriously and consider good accounting practices an ethical issue. 

Our Board of Directors and volunteer staff are currently implementing policies and procedures to ensure the success of our operations and programs. 

  • Starting in 2017, annual and audit reports will be published on our website so that you may track our progress.  

Our ten-member Board of Directors provides oversight, governance and accountability of our organization.  

  • The Board’s Finance Committee and Executive Committee work with the President to ensure the fiscal stability of the organization.  An annual internal audit will be performed, and an annual external audit will be conducted by an independent agency as well.  We will publish such statements and reports or furnish them on request.

As members of this organization, we all have a stake in good financial management.  

  • Our leadership team are donors of the organization, and while they are required to make an annual minimum contribution to our work, some members donate well above the minimum amount. 

We are committed to transparency about the sources of our funding. 

  • Once received, we will post the names of foundations, corporations and other institutions that are financially supporting our work. Individual donors will be published upon their approval.  We will also tell you about the partners we are collaborating with to leverage resources.

Your donations will primarily be used to support our programs and initiatives.  

  • Ninety percent of your donations will be allocated to our initiatives and programs and 10% will be used to cover administrative expenses.  Our salaries and benefits will also be at market rate for an organization of our size.

We are committed to keeping operational expenses as low as practicable.  

  • We will leverage resources when it makes sense to do so, and we will recruit volunteers and interns to support our team.

Our Board of Directors and staff comply with the organization’s conflict of interest and code of ethics policies.

  • We will voluntarily submit to a legal audit by an independent firm to ensure that we are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.