The Daniel Society confronts poverty. All lives have value, purpose and potential.


Center for Global Initiatives

Our Center for Global Initiatives restores hope to people who are living in extreme poverty.  We partner with governments, local organizations and extraordinary volunteers to fight global poverty.

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Our awesome leadership and volunteer teams are passionately fighting global poverty.


Our Team


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Fight Poverty

We confront the injustice of global poverty by smart and compassionate projects that empower people to hope again.

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Why Poverty

Poverty Crushes

It crushes the human potential and spirit. It prevents people from becoming who they were created to be, and we all suffer as a result.

b0762e_7bcd345bcc28431a906ecce18ff3a51f-mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2Our Turn To Make A Difference

We have a moral responsibility to care for the most vulnerable in our society.


We fight global poverty by smart and compassionate projects.